The "Gyuto" Knife | Chef's Knife | Cow Sword
The "Gyuto" Knife | Chef's Knife | Cow Sword
The "Gyuto" Knife | Chef's Knife | Cow Sword
The "Gyuto" Knife | Chef's Knife | Cow Sword

The "Gyuto" Knife | Chef's Knife | Cow Sword

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The 'Gyuto' is a finely-tuned powerhouse in the kitchen. With stunning AUS10 67 layer Damascus Japanese steel and an Australian hard wood handle, it's high art meets function. Possibly the knife they are most proud of....the first Koi knife ever made. 

Available in white and turquoise.

All knives are sent via Australia Post.

Care and maintenance instructions: Koi knives are made by a small team passionate about what they make. Once you buy the knife (unless damaged upon opening) you are responsible for looking after it. Please care for your knife with the passion that your knife is made with.

What not to do

Don't put it in the dishwasher or leave it in a sink full of water as this can lead to corrosion. We also recommend against cutting on a glass chopping board as this is terrible for the blade (can lead to chipping).

What to do

Koi knives have a high carbon concentration meaning they are harder at the edge. This means less honing is needed (i.e. sharpening with your rod at home or in the kitchen). With this type of steel you should have it sharpened by a sharpener (ideally on a whetstone to stop the steel heating). How often varies depending on usage however most people do it every 3-6 months.

To summarise, less honing and more stoning.

We source our animal produce from small family owned regenerative and organic farms. In a nutshell regenerative agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that seeks to rehabilitate and enhance the entire ecosystem of the farm by placing a heavy premium on soil health with attention also paid to water management, fertiliser use, and more. It is a method of farming that improves the resources it uses, rather than destroying or depleting them. In addition to a long list of incredible benefits for farmers and their crops, regenerative agriculture practices help us fight the climate crisis by pulling carbon from the atmosphere and sequestering it in the ground.

Our farmers care about their animals and make sure they have a beautiful life right up until the moment they get killed. (Sorry - there's no avoiding that part). They roam freely over beautiful pastures, eat lush green grass and live pretty much stress-free. Animals bred and grown this way are so much better off than those in feedlots, so the more people who support this way of farming, the less animals there are in industrial-farmed feedlot situations, which is a horrible way for any sentient being to live.

Our non-animal produce is sourced by our local organic purveyor. We take the organic and spray free option whenever possible. Our commitment to sourcing the best ingredients is what we believe sets us apart from other ready-meal companies and makes them the most delicious, and the best for our customers health and the planet.

As a general rule of thumb, our meals are best heated from thawed. Frozen meals will take longer and can effect the tenderness of the protein.

From thawed: Pies will take between 30-45 minutes in the oven on 180C. Test the heat by sticking a knife inside and seeing if it comes out hot. Meals without toppings will take around 20-30 minutes on 180C.

Stove top is also an option for the meals without toppings. Simply pour contents into a pan and simmer on a medium heat.

From frozen: We recommend putting these on a lower heat (around 130C) so they can thaw and then bringing the temperature up after 45 minutes to 180C for another 30-45 minutes. Careful you don't burn the topping.

Our heating instructions are a guide only. Feel free to use your own common sense when heating your meals.

Mircrowave: Our containers are also microwave safe. Please remove the lid before popping into the microwave.

We deliver 7 days a week (yes, that includes the weekend), so if there's a day you are out of town or not at home, please leave a note on your order (you can find that above the cart) so we can schedule your delivery accordingly. Our third party delivery team will text you the evening before with a link to tracking info and ETA and you will receive a text once it has landed.

You can expect your box to arrive within 1-5 days depending on your location. Rural areas may take longer.


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If you are unsure whether we deliver to your area you are welcome to enter your postcode on the postcode validator on the homepage.

If you have other questions about delivery please check the FAQ page.

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Our Story

Believe it or not, we started this business as a small cow share from our family-owned regenerative farm. Two years in, with a commitment to sustainable farming, a passion for healthy living, and encouragement from our customers who believe in what we're doing, The Good Farm Shop is a ready-meals company with a difference.

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