We're Scott & Til

Our journey...

People who have followed our journey from the get go, know that we started as an online butchery from small regenerative farms, delivering nutrient-dense beef, lamb, chicken and pork to people’s doorsteps. Our passion has always been about food provenance, land ecology and quality of life for animals. Like most businesses, we have evolved. While we have mostly phased out the butchery side of our business, our ready-meals have really taken off, which makes sense, given Scott’s upbringing in pubs, his time on My Kitchen Rules, and his passion for nutrition. As a family, we celebrate food, and nothing brings us more joy than hosting lunches and dinners for family and friends, having great conversations around a table filled with delicious and nourishing produce.

About our meals...

We never have, and never will, cut corners. Our animal produce is still from small family owned farms that prioritise the land, and have a high standard of care for their animals. They are 100% pasture raised, and even processed on the farms, avoiding the stress of the abattoir.  Our meals use mostly organic ingredients. The only exception is if we simply can’t get our hands on it. 

We get that life is busy, that’s why ready-meals are so convenient. But they shouldn’t come at a cost to the environment. We hunted far and wide for home compostable packaging that is oven-proof, freezer-proof, microwave safe and aesthetically pleasing. And guess what? We found it.

Thanks for stopping by, 

Til & Scott. 

About our packaging

  • Meals in trays are made from sugar cane and are home compostable.
  • Meals in trays are oven safe, mircowave safe and freezer safe.
  • Labels are all made from paper not vinyl (PVC).
  • Jars are reusable! Collect 10 or more and we'll have a courier collect them.

Regenerative verses conventional farming

Our Vision.

Our vision for this business is pretty simple: to have a positive effect on the planet, support family-owned farms that are doing right by the land, and give people access to delicious, high-quality, nutrient dense food. We want to have a business we are proud of across the board - from how we treat our employees, suppliers, and business partners to how we treat the land.