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Why regen is worth talking about.

"I was vegan for seven years before I met Scott and so I really cared that the meat I was eating was ethical, in the sense that the animals had a lovely stress-free life. That mattered to me. But it wasn't until I started to hear the word "regenerative" spoken a lot by my mum, who was going through the process of changing our family farm to full-blown regenerative, that I started to understand the benefits of it."

-Matilda (Pittwater Life)

David Jones Magazine

Eat Well Magazine

"By being more conscious of the provenance of our food, we can go beyond "sustainable" and regenerate the soil/ land and help sequester carbon from our atmosphere. Who would have thought that the most transformative climate solution was right under our feet."

- Scott (Eat Well Magazine)

Respect for the animal.

"I'm a firm believer in respecting the animal and adopting a nose to tail philosophy. This can lead to less waste and in my opinion, those secondary cuts are more flavourful and healthful for us." (Scott - Eat Well Magazine)

The future of food.

"An increasing number of Aussie farmers and growers are moving towards a regen methodology of land management - they're still very much in the minority but the shift is happening." (Scott - Eat Well Magazine)

Who Weekly

"If you had told me when I was 25 doing auditions in Hollywood that by the time I was 35 I'd be the owner of a regeneratively farmed meat busniess, I would have said "what are you talking about? It would have been the furtherst thing from my mind", Brown admits."

(Who Weekly magazine)

Pittwater Life Magazine