Happy New Year from Scott & Til!!

Happy new year!

Think we can all agree the last 12 months, well 24 months actually, have been pretty bumpy.  But Til and I feel, we (Australians) are slowly beginning to put the turmoil behind us and the start of 2022 is a great opportunity to draw a figurative line in the sand.  

We have pledged to continue to grow our community of like-minded customers and help to educate those new to regenerative agriculture and produce.  We have also pledged to go booze-free for 12 months and open the door for more activities that fill our cup (surfing for me and pilates & writing for Til).

We have just spent two weeks on our farm with the kids loving every minute of it.  Little Anouk crawling through the grass, Zan throwing stones in watering holes with Mopie (Rachel) and Tashi riding motorbikes through the farm paddocks.  The farm is a 'soul sanctuary' and the perfect place to recharge the batteries.  It has been a good reminder that we want to be in the country sometime in the future with a plot of land to call our own, to grow veggies, herbs and chickens.  

Before that can become a reality we are transforming our lawn to be home for a few chickens (coop arriving today) and a new veggie patch.  We are exciting to increase the amount of home-grown produce we can feed the family - although neither of us really know what we are doing, so we are relying on friends, books and You Tube, but half the fun is the learning process.  As it begins to take shape I'll share the journey ...and no doubt the failings too haha.

That's all for now, Til is at Pilates and I'm cramming this in around the kids - so I'll sign off before Zan starts a kitchen fire.

Have a wonderful start to 2022 everyone!

Scott & Til x


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