Strategies for weight loss

This week we dive into weight loss. Many of us will have to wrestle with weight loss at some point in our life, whether it’s for 2kgs, 20kg or more. Regardless of the end point it all begins with the first 100g. Now, when it comes to the methodology, there are extreme ways to lose weight, which are inherently challenging and dangerous or much more painless, sustainable and safe methods. The simple truth is it’s imperative to create a calorie deficit which means intaking less energy than consuming. In most cases this can be a small margin - perhaps as little as 2-5% deficit, and much less disruptive than a 10-20% deficit. As I state in the video there are a million and one ways to lose weight but you can't circumvent the first law of thermodynamics which, in relation to weight loss, is energy in v’s energy out = the total net energy. It’s a simple balance equation. If you’re consuming more calories than you expend the net result is weight gain and the opposite is true for weight loss.

Energy output is primarily divided into three main areas:

  1. BMR - Basal Metabolic Rate = what energy is required to keep you alive and functioning
  2. NEAT - Non-exercise activity Thermogenesis = amount of energy consumed whilst ‘going about your day’ and includes all incidental movement including doing chores and fidgeting. Studies have shown this could account for 700-2500kcals per day
  3. EAT - Exercise Activity Thermogenesis = deliberate exercise such as playing sport or going to the gym.

So you can effectively increase your movement through the day (NEAT or EAT) and/or restrict your calorie intake.

I outline some non-radical weight loss suggestions in the following video:

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