Start a subscription box and get 5-10% off your reoccurring order.

Hello. We live in a convenient time, don't we? We can scroll our phones and place orders within seconds. It takes very little time for those to be delivered to our door. And we probably spend even less amount of time wondering how the hell that happened. Mind boggling isn't it? Our lives have become about convenience and whether we like it or not, we are VERY used to it. So much so that the choices we make are often guided by that very thing. How easy is this for me to do/get/eat/buy? As a business that is a proponent of slow regenerative food we are reluctant to buy into the culture of convenience, and yet we know that in order to survive... we must. We have to try and compete with those companies that have nailed convenience and even though we are small, we are determined not to be left behind. The conscious consumer is aware and wants to support small environmentally conscious businesses but the conscious consumer is also busy... raising kids, making lunches, working, living life. So we are keeping up, trying to do everything we can to get the word out about regen and also trying to keep our products interesting and our business current. Which is why we have added a SUBSCRIPTION option to almost every product. 

"Finally! There are some pretty great things about the subscription option. The main one being, I'll spend less time driving around looking for a park and MORE TIME DANCING!" (Carla, Mosman - Good Farm Customer) 

Carla is a long time customer of ours and she had asked several times for us to get a subscription option. We were actually sending her texts almost every second week asking if she wanted her next box and she always wrote back saying yes. Carla is a typical Good Farm Shop customer. She wants to eat food that she knows has been sourced ethically, isn't hurting the earth, and has no yucky ingredients. But like most she is time poor and often forgets to order, instead dashing out at the last minute to do a quick convenient shop at the supermarket. When I told Carla that we had finally implemented subscriptions, she wasted no time. The above was her text back to me and ten minutes later she placed a subscription order. 

The other great thing about subscriptions is you get a 5% discount. And then after your 5th order you automatically get upgraded to 10%. You can edit, pause and cancel your subscription whenever you want. 

Thanks for being part of the regenerative journey. Reach out if you have any questions, 


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