If you're NOT doing these 4 simple things - start today!


We can twist ourselves in knots looking for the ultimate health regime, elixir or cure. Following some rudimentary habits can save you time, energy and money.

The answer lies in simplicity and it being straight-forward enough that you can do it everyday or at least the majority of your days.  Because remember, being healthy is the result of consistency and diligence.

So in the absence of elixirs, 30-minute ab routines and detoxes what are my top 4 biggest drivers to health?

1. Cook Something From Scratch.

This may sound banal but cooking something from scratch will mean that, firstly, you know all the ingredients that make-up the dish, but also it'll be made with wholefoods...and it's this which is your golden goose.  The more times you can cook from scratch using predominately wholefoods the more nutrients, vitamins and minerals you're plugging into your chemistry...win!  So it doesn't matter what your starting position is, the important thing to consider is growing the number of dishes you make from scratch across the week.

2. Optimise Sleep

Sleep is the one thing we all do everyday, it's enjoyable and free, yet it's the one thing that gets compromised when we are socialising, stressed, working, have new-borns or binge-watching a Netflix series.  Sleep is not to be under-valued and good sleep can improve every aspect of our physiology and well-being.

3. Move Often

Doesn't really matter what your mode of movement is, just doing something is better than doing nothing.  If performance or aesthetics are important that you'll need to follow some training principles but for most of us who wish to stay fit and healthy just moving often will tick a number of boxes.

4. Hydrate

Typically we lose around 100mls of fluid per hour so replenishing your lost fluids in the morning after an 8 hour sleep (1600mls deficit) is imperative for focus, attention, motivation and memory recall.  Chugging on a couple large glasses of water first thing upon waking, and then periodically drinking water throughout the day will help tremendously and can even curb cravings (if that's important to you).  

Ramp up your intake if playing sports, exercising, working outdoors or in hot/humid environments.

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