Business Q and A with Scott and Matilda

Hi guys and gals! 
As we move into our warehouse (wow - big step) we thought we'd do a quick Q and A with each other to shed some light on the biz and ourselves for those of you who are loyal customers and those of you who are new to this space. As we can't meet all of your directly, we figure this is the next best thing. So at least you continue to get a sense of who we are and why we are putting our all into growing this business.  If you feel like replying with some info about who YOU are, and why you shop with us, then please do. We want to know who our customers are and what is motivating YOU to make your meat purchases with us.
Okay, we have each asked each other 5 questions about the business and answered them in our own time, separately. Quite a fun little activity to do as business partners. 
Matilda: How would you describe our working relationship?
Scott: I love it actually…we are very similar in many ways, for example, we get very excited about concepts and cultivating ideas.  You are usually the voice of reason as my grandiose plans are often just that, so you act to reign me in and keep it real.  It would horrify some married couples to work together I’m sure but I love it.  My mum and dad ran pubs for 40 years together and so I watched/heard how it can be done….I suspect that imprint has helped more than I realise.  We have different roles too which moves the business forward, not that the roles are clearly defined, as we both wear all the hats, but we accept who is generally responsible for which areas.  Just on this babe - your areas are marketing, publicity, accounts, customer service, logistics, HR AND sales. 
Scott: Can you compare the emotions of TGF business and acting? Are there similarities of all very different?
Matilda: Very different. Literally chalk and cheese. But what I've realised it that I am the same, so the parts of me I bring to anything I do remain the same. Like the resilience you need as an actor, come into play as a business woman. And the hard work, not just sitting on your ass doing nothing. I hated that side of acting, waiting for the jobs to come in. That's why I wrote and directed, so I could keep creating. Having a business is constant creativity. Especially when you're doing it all.  Problem solving is creative and there is so much problem solving that goes on in building and growing a business. But yeah, this is nothing like learning lines or getting into character or being on a set. Couldn't be more different. 
Matilda: What's the most challenging thing about the business right now?
Scott: There are a few things that trip us up but we can only control the controllable. There are many links in the chain with a business of this nature.
We have just taken the plunge and leased a nearby warehouse to enable us to have greater sovereignty over the business.  This will be pivotal in not just growing the business but giving us maximal control mitigating missed expectations.
Matilda: Yes, just to add to that. I think the most challenging thing is not having full control, because we are still small. And the problems we seem to be having are the things that we aren't in control of ie, deliveries and the care that other people put into your business. You can pay people, but it doesn't mean they care. 
Scott: What do you want the business to do in the next 6-12 months?
Matilda: I want it to grow, obviously. And there are many ways to do that. But mostly I want our customers to be LOVING our service, product and philosophy enough to be telling other people about it. Not only because that means we can survive and thrive, but if we grow it means that more people are caring about regenerative farming and more regen farmers are being supported. Which is the ultimate goal. Part of our purpose is to help educate our customers, as well as educating ourselves. So I hope we are going strong and growing our community of like-minded people. I also want to extend our product selection to include all sorts of great products from regenerative producers. Like wine and skin care, cooking utensils, and other house hold essentials. But without compromising our regen core. I'm excited to see what small businesses we find out there that come under this umbrella. 
Matilda: What are you loving about the business? 
Scott: As I was saying over dinner last night, it has to be the need to be incredibly nimble and creative.  Not creative in the sense of painting the Sistine chapel but creative in problem solving and ideation.  I’ll also add that I couldn’t do this alone so I’m loving building a conscious business with my family.
Scott: What have you learnt about business in general since starting The Good Farm?
Matilda: I used to think business was for people who weren't creative, but that's so wrong! It's about having an idea and unique selling point. Not dissimilar to writing a script actually! The other thing I've learnt is that it hurts just as much to get an upset customer as it does to get a bad review or someone critique something you've made. Despite years of being in the film industry, my skin is not not think enough to withstand letting someone down, or not getting something perfect. On the flip side, it feels just as good to get a customer write in saying they LOVE what we're doing as it does to have someone say they love my writing or a TV show I made. I guess at the end of the day, it's just the same chemicals at play.
Matilda: What are the biggest differences between this business and health coaching? Are there any cross overs?
Scott: Nutrition and health coaching is very personal, I get to know the individual very well overtime, whereas TGF customers I rarely get to meet, but having said that I feel like we are all coming here for the same reasons and values - those being animal husbandry, ecological health and human health.  So in many ways there are a bunch of crossovers but the health coaching is significantly more personal.
Scott: Does it feel weird to have started a meat business?
Matilda: Funnily enough, no, because I don't see this as a meat business, I see this as a regenerative farming business where we support farmers who are doing the right thing by the land, the animals and the consumers. And we're a conduit to other people who are passionate about that too. I find the business side of it creative and challenging. Two things I really thrive off. Even though it's hard, it's so fulfilling. I'd never have a meat business if the core philosophy wasn't this, because that would be 100% weird for me and I would have zero interest in that. But supporting regen farmers and helping others support regen farmers, I LOVE that and I'm entirely driven by the purpose. 

Matilda: Where do you see the business in 5 years time?
Scott: I would like to see the business steadily grow over the next five years, I don’t have plans to take over the world, but I do want to deliver nutritious, ethical meat to a growing bunch of Australians that are invested in similar values as us.  Consistency is an important part of this business, so over the next few months I’d like to really solidify the working relationships we have or will have.
Scott: Do you think the kids will want to be a part of the business when they’re old enough?
Matilda: No idea. I don't care. I just hope they are doing something they love and that the things they love have purpose and meaning. No doubt with us as parents they will have a deep appreciation of health for themselves and of the land.
Okay. That's all. I hope you learnt something about Scott and I - we learnt more about each other. I also learnt that you can't format a blog correctly no matter how many times you try. 
Thanks for reading and for your support. And if you feel like forwarding this on to other like minded people who might want to buy regen produce, please do. Apologies for any typos, I'm trying to bash this out while the kids are asleep. Such a short window!
Matilda & Scott. xx

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