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Ingredients matters.

Land ecology
& animal welfare.


Without hurting the earth.

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Hey there, food aficionados!

At our kitchen, we like to keep things deliciously entertaining. You know, the kind of meals that make your taste buds do a happy dance? We've got our aprons on, rocking those organic, gluten free ingredients like culinary superheroes. Plus, we're proud supporters of regenerative farming and those pasture-raised animals who get to enjoy the great outdoors. It's like they have their own spa retreat! But hey, we don't stop there. We're serious about keeping things au natural, so you won't find any sneaky preservatives, fillers, or icky oils lurking in our creations. Nope, not on our watch! We're all about that wholesome, guilt-free goodness that'll have you grinning from ear to ear.

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Til & Scott.

Organic Salsa Verde

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What Our Customers Say


I never write reviews but I absolutely had to for The Good Farm Shop.
The Good Farm Shop has exceeded my expectations, I have followed them on Instagram for a while. They delivered to me, and went above and beyond for my order.
Their mission and philosophy on regenerative farming is why I will shop with them more frequently now!
I couldn't recommend a business more!

North Narrabeen

The quality of meat is excellent - will buy again.

Brisbane, Australia.

It saves me a lot of time trying to organise my meals every day just having it all ready to go in the freezer. And I am confident it’s ethical meat! Which is hard to track via the supermarket or the butcher. So convenient and easy :)

Barringbah, NSW

Scott delivered a yummy package of food to my door with a genuine smile. The eggs were incredibly fresh, the Green soup was delicious and the Shakshuka was better than any I have made! Thank you very much.

Andrea Ulbrick
Whale Beach, NSW.

It’s easy to be environmentally aware and sustainable conscious when the good people like the team and The Good Farm do all the work for you. And at the end of the day, the taste and quality is why I reorder. 5 Chief Kisses!

Darlinghurst, NSW.

This site is well worth shopping at. Its easy to order, quick to deliver to your door and it supports regenerative agriculture which produces the most flavoursome meat. It has a flavour and texture all on its own
Give it a go.

Avalon, NSW.

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