We currently deliver to NSW, ACT, QLD and VIC. Having said that we don’t deliver to some postcodes. That’s why you are prompted to put your postcode in before selecting items. 

Local deliver - Northern beaches local from Palm Beach to Manly is $10.

Sydney $20 / ACT $45 / Brisbane $30 / Byron and Ballina $55 / Gold Coast $35 / Sunshine Coast $35 / Toowoomba $35 / Victoria $30.

A smart way of reducing the delivery fee is to find a buddy who also wants a box and get them both delivered to the one address then split the delivery fee.

We deliver weekly to all areas.

SYDNEY METRO & NORTHERN BEACHES - Order must be in before Sunday PM for Tuesday delivery, or before Wednesday PM for Friday delivery.

NEWCASTLE, WOOLONGONG & CENTRAL COAST - Order must be in before Wednesday PM for delivery Friday.

BLUE MOUNTAINS - Order must be in before Wednesday (week prior) for Monday delivery.

VICTORIA, QUEENSLAND & NORTHERN RIVERS - Orders must be in before Wednesday AM for delivery by Friday.


We try our absolute best, but things don't always go according to plan. If you box hasn't arrived on the day you thought it would, please reach out and we will track it down for you. Our boxes never leaved a chilled / frozen environment, so rest assured your produce will not be spoiled.

Our delivery team will send you a text or email the day before your box is due to arrive and once again when it has landed on your doorstep.

We will do everything we can on our end to ensure you are aware of when your box is being delivered. Before delivery, if you have provided a number, you will receive a text, if you have provided an email you will receive an email, and our third party delivery service will send you a text once it has landed on your doorstep. They will most likely NOT knock, so please check your phone for comms the day of your delivery. 

If they are unable to get to your door for whatever reason (a guard dog for example) they will not leave the box on the street and will try again at another date.

Due to the above, we can only do as much as we can do on our end, and will not refund boxes that have been spoiled due to being left unchecked all day. It is your responsibility to ensure someone is home on the day of delivery. If this seems too hard, we understand and advise not placing an order. We hate disappointing people and the delivery system doesn't work for everyone. 

Keep in mind, your food is delivered frozen so you do have some time up your sleeve once it lands on your doorstep. 


We deliver your meals frozen to extend the life and freshness. This does not effect the quality of meals, quite the opposite. Some meals will need defrosting, others you can put straight into the oven.

Condiments and all other food items are delivered chilled.

Once you thaw the meals out they will be fine in your fridge for at least 4-5 days. General rule of thumb is pretty much common sense - if you open it and it smells funky you've probably left it too long.

Yep! You can creat a subscription and change it as often as you like. We offer fortnightly and monthly reoccurring orders. Each option comes with a discount. 

Land and animal care

In a nutshell regenerative agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that seeks to rehabilitate and enhance the entire ecosystem of the farm by placing a heavy premium on soil health with attention also paid to water management, fertilizer use, and more. It is a method of farming that improves the resources it uses, rather than destroying or depleting them. In addition to a long list of incredible benefits for farmers and their crops, regenerative agriculture practices help us fight the climate crisis by pulling carbon from the atmosphere and sequestering it in the ground.

Some Regen principals include:

Promoting biodiversity. Cover crops and crop rotation are two of basic principles of regen agriculture that lead to greater biodiversity. Eliminating or decreasing tillage. Reducing or eliminating the use of artificial fertilizers.Use regenerative grazing management for livestock.

No. Organic is about having no chemicals or pesticides on the land or crops. Whereas, Regen usually involves livestock and is more about the regeneration of the land through the management of livestock and farming practises. Which by default means minimal (if any) chemical, fertilisers, or herbicides.

Yes! Our cows spend their entire life on the farms, eating grass, and getting lots of Vit D from the sun. They don't spend a day in feedlots. Our supplier is the only company in Australia that is allowed to process the animals on the farm, which means no abbatoirs - and much less stress on the animals.

Yes! Our farmers care about their animals and make sure they have a very nice life right up until the moment they get killed. Sorry - but here's no avoiding that part. They roam freely over beautiful pastures, eat lush green grass and live pretty much stress-free. Some people will say you can’t love animals if you eat them, but we don’t agree. Cows bred and grown this way are so much better off then cows in feedlots so the more people who support this way of farming, the less cows there in industrial-farmed feedlot situations, which is a horrible way for any sentient being to live.

About our farms

We source our beef produce from Provinir. Provinir are passionate about animal welfare and land care and have relationships with small family owned farms across Vic and NSW. Each of those farms are committed to regenerating the land and have a high ethical standard for their animals. We are proud to be one of the only ready-meal companies that use 100% pasture raised produce with a priority on animal welfare.

Clarendon Farm has been in operation for over 20 years and are located in Gulgong (near Mudgee), occupying 300 acres. The hens are housed in small colonies inside portable nesting and roosting houses. They leave at daybreak to eat the protein-enriched grains and pasture before returning to lay their eggs and roost at night. The houses are routinely towed across the land to allow the pasture to regenerate. The hens are never confined and are protected from predators by electric fencing and 8 flock guardian dogs. The dogs are Mareemas, a breed used by Roman shepherds and first described in text around 2000 BC. Stocking densities are below the preferred free range standard of 1500 birds per hectare. They do not beak trim their birds as we believe it is harmful and they have so much space there has never been an argument for it. They do not use hormones, antibiotics, synthetic or chemical feed additives, artificial pesticides or herbicides for the same reasons. The eggs are collected 5 times a day to ensure freshness and maintain cleanliness. They are strictly checked and handled to appropriate health standards before being graded and packaged.

Kanooka Creek Farm is owned and run by Charlie and Sacha. They have had Kanooka Creek Farm since 2016, and live with their two children, 3 dogs, 1 goat, guinea pigs, guinea fowl, dairy breed cows, a bull, pigs, egg laying chickens and  meat chickens. The property, situated in the Pappinbarra Valley, is 45 mins drive from Port Macquarie, via the rural township of Wauchope. Their interests in creative living and organic regenerative practices have been consolidating for over a period of 30 years. Sacha uses a Joel Salatin method of chicken tractor farming, using movable pens that open for the chickens to come in and out. this method also help to naturally fertilise the soil and regenerating the land. The chickens are fed organic feed and not bleached during processing. For more information you can check out their website.


Organic Shakshuka Sauce
Organic Salsa Verde
Organic Nourishing Green Elixir
Organic Nourishing Pumpkin Soup
Organic Peri Peri Chicken Marinade